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You’ve done the hardest part walking up and down Bonnygate with Google Maps open, now let us do the rest. We have designed this Bar & Restaurant specifically for you to have a place to perfectly waste your time in the least useful manner.

Our aim is to provide you with the best beverages, great food, the best service and the mildest banter for a reasonable price. If you leave having forgotten some vitally important piece of information, rest assured that we will have replaced it with something irrelevant and useless.

Dress code – clothes are preferred and a prerequisite to entry/service

Please sit down – we employ people to stand and relay food and drinks all night, so you don’t have to. Be it a bar seat or a table, we operate on a tab based system. Sit back, relax and allow us to do all the leg work.

We unfortunately do need to charge for food and drinks however we will not prise your cash … or even your card … out of your hands straight away, that’s rude. We work on a tab system with a touch of trust. Should you have plans not to pay please inform a member of staff of your intentions. Upon leaving the Boudingait without paying your bill, if batman or a Boudingait team member don’t take you down, then the ever so fun law enforcement of Cupar will.

This is a place for fun and banter, not a competition pit to see who can be the loudest or most obnoxious

Waste your time here with us efficiently, we’re very helpful with that and have a team wholly dedicated to the task.

We do offer non-alcoholic options. We also try to be as accommodating as possible to dietary requirements…. Simply ask

No disagreement in a bar was ever resolved with fighting. This is not fight club and you are not Brad Pitt. It makes you look like an eejit and we have a zero tolerance policy, so please ‘be nice, or leave’

We sacrifice service charge and only pay staff in kinder eggs and high fives. Should you feel they provided service worthy of a tip, please do … followed by a high five

We pride ourselves on offering a seriously comfortable and fun drinking and dining experience. We haven’t spent years seeking the long lost bitters of New Orleans; we don’t stir our drinks with unicorn horns or sprinkle them with the dandruff of Ulysses, we just believe in serving great food and drinks…. And not a bill that will cause strife between ordering another or putting down the deposit for a house.

This multi award winning Bar & Restaurant is family and dog friendly with a large selection of toys, board games and banter to keep everyone entertained.

The Boudingait not only offers an extensive menu of homemade Pub Grub, we also offer a Specials Menu which changes regularly to tantalise your taste buds.

All of our dishes are freshly prepared using locally sourced quality ingredients where possible and If you see something on our menu that you would like to have a little differently .... please let us know and we will endeavour to please.

Click here to view our TripAdvisor reviews